The college has three platoons of Army Wing with strength of 160 boys and 54 girls. Dr. (Major) Harinder Singh Kang and Dr. (Lt.) Amrit Kaur are looking after the boys and girls wings of NCC respectively. Both these officers have passed their pre-commission course with  'A' grade and won commandment medals during their training. Major H.S. Kang has received commendation certificate from Director General N.C.C., New Delhi. Lt. Amrit Kaur was declared the best lady ANO of Kurukshetra University. 

College has produced 16 Commisioned Officers in Indian Army and some of them have joined Indian Army through the NCC special entry scheme.

We are the best NCC Flag winner for the last two years consecutively. N.C.C. is a very popular and efficiently-run organisation in the college.  The cadets are governed by N.C.C. rules laid down by the university from time to time.  Besides whole time N.C.C. Officers, Dr. (Major) Harinder Singh Kang and Dr. (Lt.) Amrit Kaur, Lecturers of this college conduct the training and administration of N.C.C. in the college.  Cadets of N.C.C. rolls are required to complete 75% of the parades during the training year.  Qualifications in N.C.C. prove advantageous to the students in their future career.  32% seats are reserved for 'C' Certificate holders in I.M.A. on the basis of merit.  Various courses like para-training, Mountaineering with Rock Climbing, Basic Leadership and Advanced Leadership courses are open to N.C.C. Cadets, N.C.C. Cadets with 50% marks in graduation, below 25 years and 'B' grade in 'C' Certificate exams are eligible for direct SSB interview for Officer Training Academy, Chennai (Exempted from Written Test)  5% marks are awarded to 'C' Certificate holders in various colleges and universities as weightage.